Blue Reef Divers is a group of cozumelenian divers with more than 10 years of experience working on different dive shops, but always diving around Cozumel´s reefs, all our life snorkeling, swimming and diving here. 

Now we decide to be independent and work for us and not for a foreign or local boss, they just learn from us and then let us go. 

We care about the environment of our Island we were born here, we believe in a safe service, a compromise with our customers and our families. We love what we do and now we want to share it with you, with the world.

personal service

For diving or snorkeling we have private charters just for your friends and family, do your activity at your own pace.

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snorkel tours

For all of us who love the ocean and discover fish behavior on their natural state, snorkel around the beautiful and famous Cozumel's reefs.

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Our location is inside Mr. Sanchos Beach Club

scuba diving

Service for certified and

non-certified diver, with the Discover Scuba Program you can dive without a license on a controlled dive boat diving